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If you have a great idea, product or service but need help telling the world about it, that’s where I come in. I’m a writer, strategist and branding expert with about a decade of experience under my belt. I can help you create plans to reach your audience at the right time with the right messages, build a new brand or push your established brand forward, and string together smart sentences about a variety of subjects. I have experience in finance, education, technology and health care, but I’m always up for a challenge and tackling new topics.

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Long-form Content

Finding confidence in chaotic times: Annuities as an income strategy for beleaguered investors

For the average investor, fear isn’t easily shook and many are still looking at the markets wondering when the storm will pass. The good news is many of those investors are also revisiting their retirement plans, looking for stability among uncertainty. Now is the time when financial professionals can bring all of their tools to the table and help clients regain some sense of control over their financial futures. For those seeking retirement income, annuities with living benefits may offer welcome diversification and a boost of confidence through guarantees.

When is the Right Time for a Rollover?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been inundated with news about the progression of the virus and the recession of the economy. Many Americans are aptly concerned about their retirement savings, feeling like much of the progress they made over the last decade is slipping away. The recent market sell-off may seem alarming but we can find comfort in the history of the markets. It shows us that all things are cyclical and we’ll likely see a return to good times before too long. Instead of making emotional investment decisions, now is a great time for retirement savers to revisit their long-term plans and make sure they’re still on track toward their retirement goals. Part of that could mean rolling over an old 401(k) or IRA into their current LT Trust 401(k). For the retirement saver who isn’t sure why a rollover makes sense, here are a few things to consider.

Active or Passive Investing? We Say Both

Active or passive investments — that’s the choice, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. The financial industry has hotly debated the topic for years and some professionals strictly adhere to an either/or approach. Yet similar to picking specific investments, the client’s needs should be your foremost consideration when determining an overall strategy. Active and passive investment options could be included in the conversation, depending on the client.

Health center team gives gift of walking

The boy in red boots was eight years old when he met Marshall, and he could barely manage to walk because of a birth defect that left his feet mangled. “His mother still used a stroller to help him get around. Here in this country, we’d send the kid right away to orthopedics and get his feet fixed,” she said. The boy she’s talking about is a student at Place Bridge Academy and a patient of hers at the School-Based Health Center.

The estrogen effect: How estrogen benefits men

If you want to keep a firm grip on your man card, it’s important to avoid elevating your estrogen, right? Not necessarily. While we typically think of estrogen as the female hormone, estrogen in men isn’t a bad thing. Men’s bodies naturally produce estrogen because it’s helpful in many ways. So, while some health providers used to prescribe estrogen blockers for men, many of today’s providers see that as an unnecessary, and likely detrimental, extra step.

There’s a big difference between testosterone and steroids

One of the greatest satisfactions in life is when hard work pays off. While some may see the day-to-day hustle as “a grind,” we at Trūman see it as a gift, because it’s the sum of our efforts that makes us into the men we want to be. If you’re considering tapping into the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy but worried that someday your work ethic will be questioned like you’re Barry Bonds, it’s time to get acquainted with the difference between testosterone and steroids.

What you need to know about prostate cancer and testosterone

If you’re like most guys who are considering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you’re trying to prepare your body and mind for a brighter future, one where you’re living the life you want, on your terms. At the same time, you may be at an age when the threat of prostate cancer is real. If increasing your testosterone levels could potentially cause cancer, the risk likely wouldn’t outweigh the benefits. The good news is: it doesn’t.

For Dallis, health is a personal journey, biometric screenings provide a guide.

Dallis Howard-Crow knows that healthcare isn’t exactly an industry with easy nine-to-fives. “Our organization is taking care of patients and families; that can make for stressful and sometimes physically demanding jobs,” she said of the essential work taking place at UCHealth. Last week, she kicked off the 2017 biometric screening events by joining her human resources teammates and other colleagues in getting bloodwork tests and body composition measurements.