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For Dallis, health is a personal journey, biometric screenings provide a guide.

Dallis Howard-Crow knows that healthcare isn’t exactly an industry with easy nine-to-fives. “Our organization is taking care of patients and families; that can make for stressful and sometimes physically demanding jobs,” she said of the essential work taking place at UCHealth.

Last week, she kicked off the 2017 biometric screening events by joining her human resources teammates and other colleagues in getting bloodwork tests and body composition measurements. The screening window will be open until April 14, but she’ll get her results within days by using My Health Connection.

The results mean she can make a better plan for her own health, and she hopes the same for everyone else. “When people get the results back, they can take that information to their healthcare providers and make plans that are personalized for them. They can also view year-to-year results if they’ve had a screening before,” she said. Dallis explained that the comprehensive picture has really been helpful for her. Having all of the results in one place with her My Health Connection account makes it easier to track cholesterol and glucose levels to make sure she’s in the right zones, or making progress toward the goals she’s set.

That’s what the screenings are all about – helping people meet personal health goals. “It’s about that focus on the individual. At UCHealth, we have about 17,500 employees, and that means we have 17,500 individuals with different jobs, health conditions and family situations; it’s exciting to offer this and help them get to that healthy state they want to be at,” she says, “It’s about the freedom to be you.”

UCHealth has been able to offer a host of wellness benefits to their employees that Dallis sees as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of all staff members so they can do great work and live lives fulfilled. “The healthier we can be – mind, body and spirit – the better care and service we can deliver to the people in our community.”